We are providing reparation of nozzles for all types of diesel engines, such as Common Rail (Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens), unit pump-nozzles, two-step nozzles, GMC nozzles for traction engines type 661, nozzles for CRI/CRIN injection pumps etc.

Nozzle overhaul process includes series of detailed operations and inspections, which bring the nozzles to a repaired and fully operational state, in other words: the nozzles have normal fuel injection in the cylindar (they are misting fine) and maintain normal fuel pressure in the engine.

Additionaly, servicing includes reparing of nozzle holders, replacement of all damaged or non-functional parts of nozzles as well as adjustment of nozzles to their catalogue (working) pressure ratio.

Final check is performed on BOSCH EPS 205 test bench, which allows quantity measurement with test specifications. This allows full examination of the nozzle holder (injector) on different work-modes and after a complete test, nozzle holder has the same condition and functionality as a new one.

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